Welcome - Creations Midwifery.com continues to gestate and is having braxton hicks contractions.  Though this is my first time along this awesome path of attending homebirth, the guess date will probably be later than expected!

Creations Midwifery is an independent and autonomous midwife-owned practice, currently attending homebirth within a 50 mile radius of the Twin Cities with most appointments at your home.  I see eligible, low-risk women throughout pregnancy, attend birth, see you and your baby for post birth care, provide lactation education, encourage questions/concerns, facilitate referrals, believe in alternative and complementary therapies and have prescriptive privileges. I also do well-woman visits, fertility consults and workups, see women who have simple primary care needs and more.  

I became certified through AMCB as a nurse midwife in 2004 after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a master's degree in nursing within the midwifery program.  Currently, I have had the honor of attending over 900 births as the primary midwife, have practiced in two hospital midwifery services, a birth center and now am very happy that my hands and heart found their way HOME.  During my pre-CNM days, I was a long time labor and birth RN who witnessed more than 1200 mama's birthing journey.  

I provide resources, have a great appreciation of evidenced based research in addition to listening and processing women's questions or concerns is a way for her to be an active participant in their care.  It is about choices and options for informed decision making.  Being able to spend that necessary extra time (for any visit type) goes a long, long way.  

Along with amazing family and community support, I have an obstetrician and a family medicine physician in place for consultation and collaboration when needed though it is my sister midwives who are my first-to-go-to women! 

I aim to make homebirth affordable for families.  I verify your current insurance benefits beforehand for you to understand your financial commitment to your care and then work out a payment plan with you that speaks to both of ours financial sustainability.  

BIRTHING TIME IS NOT TOO FAR AWAY FOR THE WEBSITE AND IT WILL BE SIMPLE.  There will be links for resources within the community along with testimonials and more about other birthkeepers. 

Please call to schedule a no-cost 60-90 minute meet-n-greet gathering to discuss care options in more detail and also to insure a mutually inspiring pairing.  The very best to you, and yours, along the pathways of life - Catherine

Catherine Mascari, CNM
Mailing address:  PO Box 16577, St. Paul, MN  55116
Office:  612.269.1985
Fax:     855.876.1880